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Protect Yourself From Youth

A credibilidade que Rob Redmond nos garante leva-me a trancrever o seu post de 19 de Janeiro em http://www.24fightingchickens.com/ e que aqui vos deixo:

"Instructors, beware. If you are male, and you are every in the presence of or responsible for youth, you are at risk. If you ever allow any other adults in your karate club in the presence of youth, you are at risk. Our society has lost all sense of reason when it comes to accusations, even false ones, of child abuse. Be warned. You need to take precautions, or the youth you seek to advise, mentor, and guide can be the worst enemy you’ve ever had.

Here are some recommendations for instructors to follow when allowing youth members into the karate club:

1. Never allow any adult to be in the presence of youth without another adult present as a witness (always three, never two) who can see you from where they are. No going around the corner for a one on one talk. No one-on-one talks.
2. Never allow any youth to disrobe in the presence of other adults. You need separate dressing areas or locker rooms, or you need to have people take turns using them.
3. Never put your hands on any youth for any reason unless it is your own child
4. Never send a youth out of a class to be alone in a hallway or lobby where other adults might be.
5. Never allow an adult to fulfill any sort of role interacting with youth without first running at least a local background check on them using their SSN and your police department.

I do not make these recommendations because the children are at risk from being abused, molested, or kidnapped. The chance that any youth would be harmed by any adult is astronomically low, and the stories that scare the crap out of everyone are anecdotal and rare. Out of hundreds of millions of children, a statistically insignificant number are ever at risk.

The greater possibility is that you will be falsely accused with no witness to testify on your behalf. That a parent will hear something their child says, panic, and notify authorities and begin the process of destroying your life and your reputation so rapidly and violently that you, despite being innocent of any wrong-doing, find yourself having to move to a different state just so you can find employment.

If you allow yourself to be alone with youth, or even worse, alone while changing into your karate uniform, you are setting yourself up. Protect yourself. Protect yourself from youth."

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